Gargantua (8’4″)

Good morning! Today we have a fun one for you! Today we are going to take a look at the top five most popular giants of all time! We’ll list them by Google’s search rankings. Please comment below if you agree with our assessment! #5 The Big Show – Born Paul Wight in 1972 the Big Show is known as the largest professional athlete. Weighing in at a hefty 383 pounds, the Show is a regular on WWE TV. #4 Manute Bol – Standing 7’7 inches this giant from Sudan averaged more blocks per game in the NBA than points. With an incredible wingspan of 8’6 inches, he played in the NBA for 11 years. #3 Robert Wadlow – The tallest man in recorded human history, Wadlow stood 8’11 inches. With a windspan of 9’5 inches and a weight of almost 500 pounds, we actually weighed two and a half times that of Manute Bol! #2 Yao Ming – This 7’6 inch former Houston Rocket may be the most successful Chinese player in basketball history. #1 is none other than Andre the Giant. The heaviest man on our last, he was once ranked as the most recognizable man on planet Earth. That probably puts him high in the running for most recognizable man in the galaxy. Can anyone name this movie that starred Andre? Leave a comment below (Princess Bride)