Wrestling’s Most Tragic Story | Watson

This week we are going to cover a bizarre murder mystery straight out of the L.A. Cororner’s office. Let’s take a quick look at this video. It was created by an aspiring director and professional wrestler named David “the Demon” Defalco and it starred Michael A. Cormier, forensic technician. (12:00) It was a DVD extra in the 2005 film titled Chaos.

The video was fairly popular on the recesses of YouTube and on bizarre medical sites. Adam stumbled on it years ago while looking for medical case studies for the page. The video is strange for sure. The director walks around the mortuary, hyping his own work, while the technician discusses Los Angeles’ most disturbing crimes with little or no emotion. Five years after the video was released, Michael Cormier drove himself to Kaiser Permanente Hospital complaining of heart and stomach pain and diarrhea. The doctors suspected a heart issue or an ulcer and recommended he follow up with his regular physician. Two days later, Cormier asked his wife to call 911.

An ambulance took him Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, where he died several hours later from massive organ failure. Online conspiracy theorists went wild. One linked it to a similar death of a right-wing blogger who claimed to have damaging video footage on President Obama. That story made national news.